fun stuff


Well done on reaching the last week of the course. No written material this week, just a set of stand-alone activities on a variety of interesting topics. Enjoy!

1. Game Theory

Work through this activity: The Evolution of Trust.

2. Conway's Game of Life

Watch this video, explaining the rules of the Game of Life, an example of a cellular automaton invented by the mathematician John Conway.

Have a play with some starting patterns here. My attempt is below.

3. Graph Theory

Not graphs of functions, but the study of mathematical objects (called graphs), which consist of vertices connected by edges.

Read this article, and then try out some of the ideas here.

4. Neural Networks

Ever wondered how computers perform image and handwriting recognition, or how driverless cars are designed? The answer is often neural networks.

Watch the two videos below and then try out tweaking a neural network here (explanation of what's happening is below the main panel).